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Moja (Maria) Adlersson was born in 1965, Sweden (grew up in Höganäs municipality). Married to Lars.
Two children.

Studio situated in Stockholm.
Lives in Stockholm and Palma de Mallorca.

Member of Svenska Konstnärernas Förening (SKF)

”Moja Adlersson's compositions of geometric structures are based on color, shape, surface and precision. The works gain their power through their graphic clarity. The color scale in each painting is limited to a few matte surfaces in various earthy colors that break against each other; raw exposed linen cloth contrasts with soft pastel colors such as bright orange and green. The linework is meticulously executed using sharp, small brushes and tape, and in some cases can have an almost sacred appearance in its precision. But there is also a very different kind of surface and line here. Adlersson's distinctive imagery moves confidently between the typically stripped-down and angular aesthetic of concrete art, and more organic, bulbous shapes that undulate across the canvas. A visual dynamic emerges from this interplay and the rhythmic movements of the compositions are reminiscent of flowing jazz music.”


Sandrina Cerda, Art Historian


A R T   S T U D I E S

KVH - Künstlerische Volkshochschule,  
Vienna, Austria 2001-2002

Malereilehrgang - Abschlussprüfung at KVH,
Zertifikat 2004

Borups Højskole, Copenhagen, Denmark,
Art subjects 2003

Photo by Sara Burman

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